What are Weirdles?

Weirdles is a comic strip that changes the way you look at words.  Each comic takes a common one- or two-word expression, feeds it through the Weirdles filter, and creates something fun and sometimes a little crazy.  The meaning of the words is now different, and the drawing completes the transformation.  The name “Weirdles” is a hybrid of the words “weird” and “riddles.”

Weirdles was created and developed by Tim Leer in 1989.  It was the culmination of years of bad puns, jokes, and misinterpretations of what others were saying.  The first Weirdle idea came during a meeting for his day job when upon hearing that his client was working on reconciling his bank statement, Tim got a picture in his head of an actual bank building speaking and saying “I think, therefore I am.”   This time a goofy gag came with a picture, and his next thought was “I got it!” and Weirdles was born.

Weirdles appeared in The Greeter, a monthly city magazine in Bismarck, ND, in the early ’90’s.   The project was on the backburner for a number of years until Tim met with the editor of The Bismarck Tribune in November ‘08 and was given an opportunity to create Christmas-themed Weirdles for the Tribune from 12/14-25.  After a positive response from readers, Weirdles daily strips started on 2/10/09, appearing Monday through Friday in The Bismarck Tribune.

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